Founders of IPN
IPN was founded by two entrepreneurs and private investors from Central Europe with over 15 years of experience
Rostyslav Reviuk
Co-founder & CEO
M&A Experience > $500 mln
Fundraising experience up to $14 mln
Co-owner of various businesses
Private Investor
Private Pilot of jets and helicopters
Igor Glotkin
Co-owner of various businesses
Fundraising experience up to $2 mln
Business selling experience up to $3 mln
Experience in Digital marketing >9 years

Our Mission and Vision
We strive to streamline the global investment market, providing investors with the best investment opportunities. We are improving the investing process itself and investment technologies, simplifying and accelerating it. In this way, we contribute to the global financial well-being of society
Why we founded IPN?
Our goal is to deliver value to ourselves and to other investors
Huge distance
between founders and investors, business acquirers and owners. Our goal is to tie them relevantly and easily
Brokers... %=!%:%№
A lot of intermediaries & brokers in the market. Our goal is to eliminate any commissions and success fees
Existent marketplaces
are inconvenient and useless. We tried to make $5m exit from one of our companies and couldn't do it using them
Breaking the Mystery
Everybody knows that only 2 of 10 startups are successful. Each successful investor keeps his secrets.
Our goal is to determine successful projects and discover the reasons for success to share
Low Success Rate
Classical finance & investment analysis does not guarantee further success of an investment. Our goal is to increase the number of efficient investments using technologies, including AI / ML
Interested by ourselves
We invest ourselves and are always looking for best opportunities. Our goal is to obtain only high-quality projects in network that we are ready to invest by ourselves at any time
Meet our team
Gulya Azretovna
Investment Partner
Alina Yuskanli
Event Director Partner
Max Hankulyev
Senior Growth Partner
Viktor Bogos
Growth Partner
Ildar Hannanov
Growth Partner
Slavi Danilov
Sales Partner
Radeek Sadreef
Growth Partner
Max Shelpyakov
Growth Partner